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IMO Solar Product Range

IMO is at the forefront of control component technology specifically developed for the renewable energy market and in particular solar energy. Whether meeting the demands of safe and efficient DC switching or delivering tracking solutions that help to maximise solar energy conversion rates, you can be sure that IMO products have been developed to meet the highest technical and commercial standards.
Our range of TRUE DC solar isolators have become the safety component of choice for many of the largest solar inverter manufacturers and installers around the world, whilst the FireRaptor is an innovative solar panel shutdown solution to ZERO volts is compatible with all standard string inverters. We also manufacture a range of connection terminals suitable for use within PV applications, and an off-the-shelf solar tracker and measurement controller.

IMO Solar Product Range Highlights
  • Market-leading TRUE DC solar isolator range
  • FireRaptor - solar panel safety shutdown solution
  • Solar Cube - solar tracker and measurement controller
  • Complete range of PV terminals

IMO Solar Product Range Products

Solar Cube
Solar Isolators
Solar Isolators Mini
FireRaptor Rapid
Shutdown Unit
DC Switching Contactor
PV Terminals